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Imaging Services

Solutions Plus+'s imaging division services law firms, insurance companies, financial institutions, engineering companies, and manufacturing companies. We have the skill, accuracy, and experience to effectively help you store and access your information. We have a proven track record of customer satisfaction. The needs of each client differ, so we custom-fit solutions and workflows on a case-by-case basis. Through our cutting-edge technology and proactive customer support, we will engineer a solution and deliver your data in a timely manner.

Our services offer myriad benefits. We live in a transitioning world; we are caught between two different ways of doing business. The digital realm continues to grow and offer new business solutions, but much of the way we work still resides in the physical realm of paper and pens. Solutions Plus+ will be your bridge between the two worlds; we will marry digital and physical in order to create a single streamlined means of achieving success.

When our services are utilized, we empower the client to quickly store, access, review, and search millions of pages. We have the speed and flexibility to quickly expedite your project in order to dramatically reduce storage costs, cut document access and review time, and search documents with ease through use of database queries. 

our services:

  • scanning
  • coding
  • ocr
  • blowbacks
  • endorsements
  • unitization
  • raster to vector conversion
  • document repository
  • shredding
  • law office software solutions
  • electronic discovery


  • portability of data
  • document indexing capabilities
  • document search and query capabilities
  • reduced review times
  • reduced retrieval times
  • immediate disaster recovery
  • added security
  • easy accessibility
  • reduced storage costs

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