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Document Management

Solutions Plus+ has worked with Fortune 500 companies to develop customized Document Management systems to meet their changing needs. Michelin Tire Inc. became QS 9000 certified when their system was implemented. Hill-Rom (A Hillenbrand Company) and Marley Electric passed their ISO 9000 Document Management audits and Monsanto Dairy passed FDA regulation 21 CFR part 11 as direct results of the systems Solutions Plus+ created.

Document Management can be described by the paradox of simplistic complexity. How the simple creation of an electronic document can have a far reaching affect on a business process is incredible. The determination of document types and their definitions, field requirements, security, revisions and approval process all play a part in the life of a document. This is why a full analysis of the documents in a business process is required.

Solutions Plus+ has experience analyzing all aspects associated with documents. Solutions Plus+ performs in-depth interviews and technical analysis to determine all of the ramifications and expectations of implementing a Document Management system. By using the IPECC Project Methodology and with over 12 years of practical experience in Document Management, Solutions Plus+ can develop and implement the best plan for managing documents.

There is more to Document Management than just coming up with a brilliant plan. The best design in the world means nothing if it cannot be implemented. The key to the plan is for it to be simple and usable. With many years experience in producing documents, such as imaging, coding, and discovering documents electronically, Solutions Plus+ provides the practical knowledge of the production processes as well. By understanding throughput, quality control and production techniques, Solutions Plus+ provides more than just a plan. Solutions Plus+ provides a complete Document Management solution.

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