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Electronic Discovery

Today's business operates in a digital world. More than 98% of business documents are created and stored electronically; most are never printed. Over 9.8 billion email messages are composed and sent every day. Companies are more apt to store documents electronically on centralized servers or individual computers rather than in paper-filled boxes in warehouses. Furthermore, the amount of electronic documents produced by companies is almost overwhelming. Litigation can become extremely time consuming and expensive in order to find the "smoking gun" document.

In days past, legal counsels searched for evidence on paper documents. Yet with changing technology and business habits, electronic discovery has risen as a new means of discovering evidence. Electronic discovery offers efficiency, accuracy, reduced document review times, searches on full document text and other fields, and ease of use as a cost-efficient solution. Many clients can expect 25% to 30% savings as compared to the same data set reviewed under the paper discovery method.

Furthermore, paper discovery alone omits crucial electronic metadata (the data about the data). For example, a word document has embedded information which is omitted when only printed to paper. Metadata within the document may include revisions, authors, titles, date of creation, date of modification, etc. Metadata extends beyond the document's appearance, revealing its history and behavior. Metadata fortifies case evidence and offers legal teams the ability to cull the data set through use of full text searches, date relevancies, etc. The possibilities are endless.

Solutions Plus+ is ready to stand beside you and your case team as a qualified and knowledgeable service provider. Each project will be assigned a Sales Associate, Project Leader, Production Manager, and an e-Discovery Project Team. We are cost-efficient and able to complete projects under urgent time constraints. 

For more information, please contact us. You will be assigned a Sales Associate and Project Leader in order to determine project scope and pricing. Thank you very much.


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